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WBUR Oral History Project: Suzette Chiong-Oglesby

Suzette Chiong-Oglesby

Interviewed by: Joanna Shea O'Brien

Date: March 20, 2014

Location: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Recorder: Joanna Shea O'Brien

Photo: Suzette Chiong-Oglesby (Photo by Joanna Shea O'Brien)




Suzzette Chiong-Oglesby is the Clinical Nurse Manager in the Comprehensive Rehab Unit at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston. She has been at Spaulding for 35 years. She works on the fifth floor of the hospital, which is a floor for amputee, burn, and muscular skeletal injuries.

Her son Sam was running for the Spaulding Marathon Team, and Suzzette went to work early in the morning before meeting her husband at the Mandarin Hotel on Boylston Street for the Spaulding Team marathon party. She vividly describes looking out the large glass window of the hotel, excited at the prospect of watching her son finish the marathon, when the bomb in front of the Forum restaurant detonated.

She describes the next hour, including her panic, her uncertainty about what had actually happened, her extreme worry over her son’s safety, and how she helped a shivering and traumatized runner. Suzzette then talks about her work in the days, weeks, and months after the Boston Marathon bombing, as she and her nursing team at Spaulding confronted new challenges and found inspiration in treating the survivors of the bombs.


Audio Clip 1

Suzette describes helping a disoriented runner, who later sent her a letter.

Audio Clip 2

Suzette discusses how a Spaulding patient who was injured in the Marathon, became an inspiration.

Audio Clip 3

Suzette describes how the Marathon impacted her personally and professionally.

Full Interview



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