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Oral historian Jayne Guberman and Bruce Mendelsohn

Featured Interview Collection

Stories From The Spaulding Rehabilitation Center 

Individual Interviews

Kevin Brown

Dara Casparian and Samantha Conley

Christie Coombs

Marc Fucarile

Mark Hagopian

Sergeant Clarence Henniger

Dr. David King

Prof. Eric Kolaczyk

Brittany Loring and Hafsa Lewis LaBreche

Victoria McGrath

Bruce Mendelsohn

Shane O'Hara

Peter Payack

Steve Phipps

Jimmy Plourde

Waheeda Saif

Alicia Shambo

Minhui Zheng

More interviews coming soon!

To hear clips from interviews that aired on WBUR, visit the station's "Boston Marathon Reflections" page.

About the WBUR Oral History Project

Countless lives were affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath. The WBUR Oral History Project collects stories from individuals whose lives were immediately and irrevocably changed by these events. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of WBUR, our team of oral historians, and the participation of these interview subjects, Our Marathon has tried to ensure that these stories are not forgotten. We believe that these stories matter, and that they demonstrate the ways historical events transform the lives of the people who lived through them.

Our Mission

We hope that these stories help with the healing process of the people who tell them, and we believe that a permanent record of these events in Our Marathon is an invaluable resource to students, historians, and later generations interested in the story of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

About Us

Oral historians Jayne K. Guberman, Ph.D., and Joanna Shea O'Brien conducted the interviews for this project. Oral History Project Manager Kristi Girdharry, Our Marathon Project Co-Director Jim McGrath, and Community Outreach Lead Joanne DeCaro recorded the interviews and provided research assistance and post-interview processing. McGrath and Our Marathon Audio Technician Ryan McDonough provided sound editing and processing for all of the interviews and clips, as well as the content on the project website. To read the full bios of the Oral History Project team, visit Our Marathon's About Page. For personal reflections on this experience from the Our Marathon, visit Our Marathon's blog.

Explore narrator pages for additional audio-clips, photos, and access to full interviews. This page will be updated with new voices daily through April 15 and beyond.

Our Marathon is in the process of recording and adding oral histories to our digital archive. Please visit our "Explore" page to see additional items in the archive. You can also Share Your Story with us today.