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"One Boston": Messages from The Copley Square Memorial

Many of the items left at the Copley Square Memorial are covered in signatures and messages of support. This exhibit highlights the kinds of messages people left on a large "One Boston" poster that was set up at the memorial. Thanks to the efforts of the Boston City Archives and Iron Mountain, Our Marathon has a high-resolution scan of this poster that make it easy to see many of these signatures and messages clearly.

We chose this poster because of the number of signatures and the range of messages. We decided to highlight: references to "Boston Strong" and the phrase "We Will Run Again"; references to Boston neighborhoods, U.S. cities and states, and cities and countries outside the U.S.; messages left in languages besides English; references to Biblical passages; a reference to David Ortiz's "This is our f---ing city" speech; and actor Kevin Spacey's signature.

Did you sign this poster? Did you sign another item left at the Copley Square Memorial? Share your story with our digital archive. You can also view more items in our Copley Square Memorial collection. If you have any additional questions or comments, please e-mail us at marathon@neu.edu or chat with us on Twitter @OurMarathon.

Exhibit Features: You can use the tools on the left side of the screen to zoom in and out of the poster, and you can also navigate to different parts of it with the directional pad. Hovering over many of the messages will cause highlighted sections to appear. Clicking on one of these highlighted sections will bring up a summary, as well as links to other relevant content.

This exhibit was created by Nate Rehm-Daly in the summer of 2014 using Neatline. Some editiorial content was provided by Jim McGrath. Nate's work on Our Marathon was made possible by the Tri-Co DH Initiative.