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Lesson for the Children


This screenshot of the AP.Boston photo attached shows Tyler (10yrs) running on the far left of the photo in red shorts, white shirt and red hat. He was wearing a Boston Strong T-shirt.


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As a parent it's not always easy to know the right thing to do. Teaching our sons they should never live in fear and let terrorists control how they live their life, was an important lesson we wanted to teach them.
An opportunity presented itself with the OneRun. Although it was postponed a few times to allow the police and emergency workers relief from the bombing aftermath, it was finally going to be held on May 25th, 2013.
We told our 10 year old son Tyler we'd be going in to Boston to show our support. After the bombing Tyler didn't want to go to Boston let alone run in Boston. This was a boy that loves to run. At 9 he had finished our annual FeasterFive 5k with a 6:44 pace, and ran a 6:14 mile in track. We told him he didn't need to run, that we would see how he felt when he got there.
We took the subway into Kenmore Square with our emotions rising as more and more runners hopped on board to make our way into the site. Seeing all the people there to run was both exhilarating and sad. It was clear that many were overcome by their memories of the horrible day but I think we all felt the joy of standing strong for Boston swelling in our hearts.
The anticipation of the race was building and by the time the gun went off, Tyler had overcome his fear and was focusing on how to win this race. Now we had to teach him a different lesson. ....that even though this looked like a race, it really wasn't. The OneRun's true purpose was to honor victims and emergency workers and allow runners to reclaim their final mile. His father had to hold him back from overtaking the flag bearers that day. The OneRun held after the bombings provided a great vehicle for teaching Tyler how important it is to live live freely, without fear. I think we accomplished this goal at the end of the day.


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