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Peace be with all those affected.


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On the day of the marathon, I was heading to visit my friends in Brookline. Coming from Cambridge I gave no thought to how exactly I would bypass the racing route. I began traveling away from the city looking for a way, and noticed what seemed to be an exorbitant amount of police for the marathon. After about 45 minutes of driving around I realized that I would have to go all the way to the common to get around the marathon. Entering Copley traffic was gridlocked and exhausted runners passed my car after finishing the grueling marathon. I drove by the finish line and after nearly an hour of driving I finally made it past. I will never forget mere moments later seeing a TA from school who I had merely dealt with once, but when he crossed the street and locked eyes, we both knew that we knew each other. Upon meeting with my friends moments later my friends father texted him asking him if he was okay saying that there had been "explosions" in Boston at the finish line. Just coming from the finish line myself I was sure that a mistake must have been made. Yet, sure enough that terrorist attack took place. The younger of the two bombers and I have numerous mutual friends being from Cambridge. The roads where the brothers reaped havoc that night were ones I knew all too well and traveled at night frequently. The closeness of this event to my life was jarring. Coming across my TA and the look we gave one another at the very moment the bombs may have gone off was eerie to say the least. It will truly be a day I never forget.

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