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So I was visiting families in the South around the spring break of April. We actually did a road trip for about 20 hours drive. By the time we almost hit home, it was April 15, 2013. We were cutting through Boston to get to home and I know that it was Patriot’s Day so of course Boston would do their tradition Marathon running. I actually wanted to go into Boston and see all the excitement and cheers but instead my family who was in the car with me was tired for the long hours of driving from the south, so instead we went home and rest. By the time I got home my next door neighbor came and told us that there was a bomb set up in Boston. In my head I was puzzled just like everybody else so we turned on the TV and it was a mess. People was just running and scattering everywhere. I just thought what if we had went into Boston at the time, what would we do standing in that position. I was scared and just prayed that everybody would be okay. It was shocking to me because this is close to home for me and it’s not a minor tragic. People were hurt and injured, I couldn’t stomach the sight that I saw when I did my research on google. It was just overwhelming for me but I still continued my prayers to the victims, the lost ones and their family.

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