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Boston Strong- Alex Carot(Northeastern)


This is an image of Alex Carot, a student at Northeastern University, showing her pride for the university and city of Boston in wake of the Boston bombing.

Alex Carot, a fourth year Northeastern University student, was studying abroad half way across the world in Sydney, Australia when the bombings occurred. Her fellow NEU student who had seen statuses posted on Facebook about bombings in Boston shook Alex awake to tell her the news. At this point, due to the major time difference between Sydney and Beantown, the bombings had taken place almost three hours previously while everyone in Sydney had been sleeping. Alex and her Northeastern classmates had a lot to catch up on, and they huddled around the computer listening to the radio updates about the chase that was occurring. Alex described the difficulty she had in believing what was happening and her struggle to imagine that this could take place in Boston. Although it was tough to standby and watch, Alex "didn't have much of a choice other than to go on with everyday life. It was definitely a very weird day, and seeing the pictures of the people and the Copley area in chaos honestly did not seem real."

While following the news from Australia, Alex found the images of the memorial in Copley to be especially influential on her perception of the tragedy. She recalls seeing one image in particular from boston.com showing a young child and his mother visiting and bringing flowers to the site. Seeing the multiple stuffed animals and running sneakers laid out to honor the victims pulled at her heartstrings, and evoked emotions as if she was there.

Now that Alex is back on campus she described the torn feeling that she has when reflecting back on the tragedy. In some ways it almost seems as if nothing happened, since she was not in Boston for the incident, and she did not experience things first hand. However, on the flip side, she feels surreal as she walks down Boylston today and she imagines what the scene was like just six short months ago. Alex felt "weird and sad walking down Boylston for the first time and seeing the Boston Strong signs that were still up. It's hard to believe that the pictures seen while abroad had happened in that very street."

This content was created by a student in Victoria Papa's Advanced Writing for the Social Sciences course at Northeastern University in Fall 2013. The students in the course each created two exhibits, the first directed toward a public audience and the second directed toward researchers in their various academic fields (economics, international affairs, political science, etc.). The students publicly presented their exhibits on December 5th at Forum Restaurant, which was heavily damaged by the second bomb during the Boston Marathon.


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