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Calm before the storm


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It was January 6th, the first Sunday in the new year. I had spent a good portion of the day at the MFA with a very nice college student from Japan. After the museum we both ate at a restaurant in the Prudential Center. After we finished eating, we walked around the Copley Square area. I showed her the Christmas Tree that was still lit near Trinity Church. She needed to head back to her campus because she had a 9pm curfew. Before heading to the Green Line station, I wanted to show her the Boston Marathon Finish Line which is outside of the Public Library on Boylston Street. It was around 8:15pm and dark. The library was closed and since it was winter, not many people were walking along the sidewalk close to where we were. Also, if I can recall there was not a lot of traffic in what usually is really a busy area. I showed her the finish line. I look back on that evening. It was so peaceful and calm on that January night compared to the confusion, chaos and destruction that occurred on April 15th. I reflect on the contrast between a dark Winter evening and a bright April day. Sort of like the "calm before the storm". If only I had the power to foresee the harm inflicted by the two accused individuals just a little over three months after that peaceful night.


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