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Before it all happened, it was a beautiful day.


I took this image at 2:19pm April 15th 2013, 30 minutes before the 1st bomb exploded just behind me at the Marathon Sports store.

I was standing much closer to the explosion's site earlier, but a craving for some ice cream on that beautiful day (that's how it started out) made me go inside Sugar Heaven. I think that saved me from more serious injuries; when I got outside again eating my ice-cream, I was just slightly further away and never went all the way back into the crowd in front of Marathon Sport again, placing me a bit further from the bomb when it went off.

I don't remember the blast. I do remember the heat, the smell, the panic, my ears ringing... the blood...

I wanted to post this picture to show what beautiful day it was, just before....


Anton Spaans


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