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I was in Washington, DC when the bombs in Boston went off. I was taking a break at work and scrolling through Facebook to pass some time. The first status that I read that had to do with the bombings was "Bombs went off at the finish line." I could hardly process what I read. I turned to the TV, switched it on and watched the first video clips that aired on MSNBC. My first reaction was to call, text, contact, and communicate with anyone and everyone I knew in Boston, Massachusetts, even New England. I needed to know that my friends, my family, was safe. I slowly recovered along with everyone else in Boston, after the commotion and the chase. Today, I walk the streets of Boston with a stronger bond to the city, to my home, and to the people I share it with.


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"Bombs went off at the finish line."
Swallow, beat beat beat.
No. Refresh.
Refresh, refresh, refresh.
Beating stops.
Canvas turned white.

Flash one, screams.
Flash two, running.
Chaos. Images repeat.
Mind races, lost in thought.
Reality sinks in.

Mass network.
"Are you okay? Be safe."
Breathing slows.
Relief with each reply.

Hope, pride, an unbreakable bond.
Recover as one.
Boston Strong.


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