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"Run Jane Run!" banner at Copley Square Boston Marathon memorial


Photograph of a large banner reading "Run Jane Run," surrounded by flowers and balloons, at the Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial. The inscription on the top left of the banner reads: "In 1996 my wife Jane was one of 40,000 runners at the 100th Boston Marathon. It would be easier to spot the family, so I made 2 banners. They have stayed in my studio for 18 years. Now they have a purpose. I believe one day Jane Richard who lost her brother and her leg will one day run the Boston Marathon in his honor and in memory of all those affected by a senseless act. I hope Jane and all those affected will see this banner and when you run Boston you will see the second banner just like it and know that those who signed it will never forget the events of 4-15-2013 and we will always support you. -K. McGovern[?]"


James Schmidt





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