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I was as close to the...


This story was collected by the Boston Globe in the days immediately following the Boston Marathon Bombing. GlobeLab collected these anonymous stories on the Boston.com website and donated them to the Our Marathon Archive. We are grateful for this contribution, which gives insight into how Bostonians and visitors to the city understood the bombing events in their immediate aftermath.


I was as close to the bomb as one could be without getting hurt. I was standing under the flag of Australia. the bomb went off behind the flag of Mexico. I am in the photos that were taken from the office building looking down on the bomb site. My husband was scheduled to arrive at the finish line just about the time the bombs went off. I had been following his progress and had gotten notice of where he was on the 10k, 20k, and 30k points. I was standing looking out at all the elated runners thinking what a great spot I had gotten. Looked at my watch and then "BOOOM", I heard a loud explosion behind me. I turned and saw black debri and sparks flying up in the air. I turned away so as not to get hit and when I turned back in a daze, I saw nothing but a dark black empty circle on the side walk where there had been a huge crowd just moments before. My mind could not comprehend what had happened. I remember trying to make out the outline of a body lying on the ground across the sidewalk. But it was all fuzzy and I was dazed like a deer in headlights. My friend who had come with me came and grabbed me and said we had to get out of there just as we heard the second explosion. my head was ringing and I couldn't hear out of my left ear. I was part dazed part hysterical. We turned the corner at Exeter street and turned down Newbury. Every once in a while I would tell someone what had happened. We made our way back to the hotel which had been our meeting place and waited anxiously until my husband finally returned. When we got to the lobby people were gathering around the TVs , the streets had been cleared, the race had been stopped. the rest of the story everyone already knows. Such a sad and horrific ending to what started as such a wonderful day.


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