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At 1:30, a friend and I...


This story was collected by the Boston Globe in the days immediately following the Boston Marathon Bombing. GlobeLab collected these anonymous stories on the Boston.com website and donated them to the Our Marathon Archive. We are grateful for this contribution, which gives insight into how Bostonians and visitors to the city understood the bombing events in their immediate aftermath.


At 1:30, a friend and I stood behind the flags at the finish line and snapped a few photos. By 1:50, we were seated at Stephanie's on Newbury, having a drink, waiting for our table to open up at Joe's American Bar and Grill on Newbury. Another friend soon joined us, and we made our way to Joe's. We were a moment from being seated at our table, when BOOM - such a loud noise. The whole world shook. My friends and I looked at each other. BOOM again. The whole world shook again. "Guns to celebrate the runners?" I thought. Too loud. "Planes firing to celebrate?" I thought again. But no one was cheering. Within a second, hundreds of people were running away from Boylston Street. Someone yelled RUN. We tried to leave. My friends made it out, but someone inside Joe's yelled that it was safer to stay inside, and shut the door. As the door shut in my face, I thought "I'm going to die inside Joe's American Bar and Grill." I told myself it was probably safer to be downstairs and away from the glass door. I turned to head downstairs, but then someone else yelled that it was safer to run. The door was shoved open. I quickly jumped outside and turned right on Exeter. My friends were hiding in a cubby, just to the right of Joe's, waiting for me. I looked at them and yelled "We have to run." We ran across Comm Ave to the Charles River, and then along the River all the way to Charles/MGH. There, we hopped in a cab and went to Revere, where my dad met us, and took us to the home I grew up in in the burbs.


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