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I had my 11 year old...


This story was collected by the Boston Globe in the days immediately following the Boston Marathon Bombing. GlobeLab collected these anonymous stories on the Boston.com website and donated them to the Our Marathon Archive. We are grateful for this contribution, which gives insight into how Bostonians and visitors to the city understood the bombing events in their immediate aftermath.


I had my 11 year old son and his friend with me. We had been looking for friends who were in front of the Lord and Taylor. We were about mid-way between the two bombs. When the first one went off to our right, we felt the vibrations and heard glass breaking. We started to run away from the direction of the blast then the second one went off to our left. I grabbed the two boys by their hoods and pushed them in front of me,screaming at them to keep running. I was convinced there were more bombs about to go off any minute. We made it around the corner of the Lord and Taylor then we just kept running until we were on a residential street. All around us sirens and people were screaming and running. I have no idea how we made it. I fully expected someone with a gun to appear as part of the attack and was not sure whether we were running away from trouble or into trouble. Once we stopped running we asked someone what street we were on and they told us, I could see the next intersection was Tremont St. I knew if I got to Tremont St. that even if no one could come and get us that we would be able to walk home from there. We live in Milton. I was able to reach my husband by phone and he came to get us. We kept walking until we got to the Melena Cass Boulevard, then we stopped and waited for him to get there. The boys talked and asked questions all the way. I had no idea what to tell them other than it was a terrorist attack and that we would be ok.


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