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Poem for Boston


This is a poem written by Anne Stanziani

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By: Anne Stanziani
Quincy, Ma

A city cries.
A city weeps.
Disaster on our city streets.

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons –
A day of fun for everyone.

The marathon!!
Run every year-
To Wild Applause
And Lots of Cheer!
Then –
How could we know?
How could we guess?
Two terrorists were with the rest –
Mingling there among the throngs
They placed 2 bombs then went along.

Two explosions – how could this be?
Never in our history!

3 Dead – a Boy – only eight.
He did not deserve this fate –
Two Young Girls – in their Prime were victims of this Horrible Crime

People thrown All Over the Place
Injured – Maimed what a Disgrace!

What a Horror - What a Sight
People ran from Left to Right –
Crying – Screaming – Filled the air
As body parts flew Everywhere –

Then when they were on the Run
They killed a Cop – Another One.
While on Duty – in his Car
Went up and shot this Rising Star.

We’ll always Remember
And Never Forget
These People whom we’ve never met.

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