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A perspective on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings from Tokyo


Having grown up in a fairly peaceful city, Tokyo, Japan, Daigo Hoshino, as he told me at the interview, perceives that terrorism is something that happens physically remote from him. “I had hard time believing that such a thing actually happened in where I live,” he recalled his emotion at the evening of the Marathon Monday. However, what made him realize about the occurrence of the Boston Marathon Bombings was the news broadcast he watched that night. “On the breaking news, I saw a familiar street where I would go on the weekends for shopping. But it was in chaos, the street was covered with smokes and debris by the explosion.” The news broadcast provided him the clear understanding of what occurred, and the visual information gave him the clear sense that the incident was not remote from him.

This content was created by a student in Victoria Papa's Advanced Writing for the Social Sciences course at Northeastern University in Fall 2013. The students in the course each created two exhibits, the first directed toward a public audience and the second directed toward researchers in their various academic fields (economics, international affairs, political science, etc.). The students publicly presented their exhibits on December 5th at Forum Restaurant, which was heavily damaged by the second bomb during the Boston Marathon.


Gen Ueda


Daigo Hoshino

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