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Description of watching news broadcasts about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings while abroad


Ainura Beisembekova, a Northeastern University alumni student who studied International Affairs, began her story with saying this. She told me that the series of the news broadcast was what scared her the most. It is understandable that the news broadcast about the terrorism can cause the fear since it usually focuses on the turmoil or the chaotic situation; however, the purpose of the news broadcast is to inform the audience about what has happened. They are not designed to cause the fear among people. Then, how did the news broadcast cause such fear?

When Beisembekova was an elementary school student, there was a tragic event in the Caucasus region of Russia, in North Ossetia: Beslan school hostage crisis. The live news was broadcasted from the site, just like the ones of the Boston Marathon Bombings. She heard the sounds of the explosions through the television, and she saw the smoke coming out from the exploded building through the TV screen. For her, watching the live breaking news of the bombings recalled her traumatic memory from when she experienced the great fear.

This content was created by a student in Victoria Papa's Advanced Writing for the Social Sciences course at Northeastern University in Fall 2013. The students in the course each created two exhibits, the first directed toward a public audience and the second directed toward researchers in their various academic fields (economics, international affairs, political science, etc.). The students publicly presented their exhibits on December 5th at Forum Restaurant, which was heavily damaged by the second bomb during the Boston Marathon.


Gen Ueda


Ainura Beisembekova

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