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Free Passes and My Wife's First Marathon Experience


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A friend of mine offered me 2 passes to the bleachers at the finish line. I thought this would be a great experience for me and my wife who is from China. This was first time seeing the Boston Marathon. We watched, clapped and admired the runners. She started to get chilly. We made our way to the Prudential Mall. Right at the exit a woman asked us for our passes. I believe she said her daughter was crossing the finish line any time. We were happy to give her our passes. We arrived to the Starbucks adjacent to the catwalk in Copley Place. My wife found a couple seats in front of the window that overlooked Huntington Ave. while i waited in line. That's when I heard the two bombs. I made eye contact with lady behind me. We each looked at each other perplexed. I remember thinking to myself, that was a rather odd sound. I sat down with our coffees and my wife asked with her Chinese accent, "Why so much police?" I responded a bit confused, "Well it's the marathon." Seconds later my brother called me from San Diego informing me of the news to see if we were ok. We often wonder what happened to the woman who we gave our passes to. We hoped and hope the best for her and her family.


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