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Pop Superhero Goes From Wheelchair to Walking to Running the Boston Marathon!


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I am a Boston Strong "survivor," and member of the "4.15 STRONG" Boston Marathon team.

As Cookie Cutter Girl, 21st Century Pop Superhero, I packed "Girl Power Pop" with a PUNCH on 500+ RADIO STATIONS & 30+ CDs Internationally. ROLLING STONE called CCG "Nashville's Version of Fiona Apple." (http://www.Facebook.com/CookieCutterGirl & http://www.CookieCutterGirl.com)

After a disabling stage accident in 2006, I was left in a wheelchair, due to severe neck and head injuries, in addition to suffering from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I slowly, and painfully, learned to do many things over again, including walking, over the next 5-6 years. In 2012, I found a new passion to pursue and began acting in short films (http://www.NEActor.com/profile/lynnjulian). Residing in Boston's Back Bay, I am very involved in local film projects, charities and social events every week.

On 4.15.2013, I survived the Boston Marathon attack, along with my boyfriend of 13 years, escaping with a painful, chronic low back injury, frontal lobe brain injury, hearing loss, extreme tinnitus and severe PTSD. I trained to run the Boston Marathon for the 1st time in 2014, having never run at all in my life. I am very grateful to be a survivor. Yet, I now struggle with daily, severe, chronic pain in my lower and upper back (as well as hearing problems and panic attacks). My 6lb Service Dog is also a Boston Marathon Survivor. I believe he is the only "animal survivor," and he was left him afraid of sudden or loud noises.

It is my daily struggle that inspired me to run the Boston Marathon, in the "Mobility Impaired" division, to raise money for the US Pain Foundation. I still have several, weekly medical appointments, but by enduring additional daily pain, through physical therapy and acting jobs, I hope to inspire others who live in pain as well. My message is one of HOPE. Hope is free, easy to share, and you should never let anyone take that away from you. I fought my way out of that wheelchair, and I fought my way across that finish line. If I can do it, so can you. Never give up HOPE! http://tinyurl.com/lynnjulian & http://www.USPainFoundation.org.

Strength Through Unity,

Lynn Julian (AKA Lynn Crisci), 617-851-7298




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