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Police scanner recordings

Live police scanner recording from the period before the arrest of the second suspect in Watertown.

That Monday

I was off work because of the state holiday, at home at putting the final touches on a blog post about some forgotten comic book.

I disconnect from the grid while I'm writing, so I didn't know anything had happened until my dad called around 3:00 PM. "Turn on the news, Andy. Some big shit is going down at the finish line."

I watched the…

E-mail and twitter all the time

I only found out what was happening with the bombing when my little sister who lives in Boston e-mailed me to tell me that she was ok. My reaction was "WHAT IS GOING ON THAT YOU HAVE TO E-MAIL ME TO SAY YOU ARE OK!?"

I spent a bunch of time on twitter, which was quickly refuting some of the false information spread by major news agencies.

Nine days after Boston Marathon Tragedy

The streets began to fill with people and traffic as Boylston Street reopened nine days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.