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Drawing from a student at A.P. Giannini Middle School (San Francisco, California)

Digital copy of a card sent to the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The front of the card reads "My Condolences." The inside of the card reads, "My condolences to the victims of the bombing incident in Boston."

Boylston Street Memorial

This picture is of the 3 crosses that were made for the victims at the first memorial.

Boylston Street Memorial

This picture was taken at the original memorial before it was moved to Copley Square.

Victoria McGrath - Oral History

Thanks to the hard work of Potoula Tournas, a Northeastern University student who is working with the archive as part of an advanced writing course, we were able to conduct an oral history with Victoria McGrath, pictured here. Victoria was standing by Sugary Haven when the first bomb went off, and shrapnel from the pressure cooker almost fatally…

April 15th, 2013

Everyone was so happy as we cheered on the complete strangers that were running by while waiting for our loved one to cross over the finish line and come back to us. I was trying to see a familiar face on any of the runners but I couldn’t find my aunt just yet. My mother was eager to see her as well; she was using my shoulders for balance…

Dot Ave I-93 bridge memorial for Boston victims

This memorial is from "a very greatful American," according to the sign, and is "in honor of all the victims from the Boston Marathon bombings and also a tribute to all of our first responders."

A balloon for each victim.

At the Corrib Pub 5k in West Roxbury, the pre-race ceremony included releasing a bunch of balloons, one for each person injured or killed in the Boston marathon bombing... 267 balloons in total.


One Fund Boston Concert Tribute

This is a photo from the front page of the Boston Globe on May 31, 2013, which shows Marathon bombing survivor Victoria McGrath (blue dress) flanked by people who played a role in saving her life and evacuating her from the scene of the first explosion (L to R: Bruce Mendelsohn, Alicia Shambo, Tyler Dodd, and Jimmy Plourde (Boston FD)

Meeting Mayor Menino

This photo is from a dinner hosted by Mayor Menino for the survivors. It was held at Dry Dock in South Boston a few weeks after the marathon, and many who were seriously injured came right from the hospital for an evening of relaxation, food, and comfort. I accompanied my sister and my friend (along with her husband), who were both on the patio of…

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