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Child's card to Boston.

A child's card to Boston, made from construction paper and crayon. Part of a collection of cards from a Framingham elementary school.

Gathering in the Aftermath

Gathering in the Aftermath
by Lisa DeSiro

I took the bus across the river
to meet my friends for dinner.
Chatted with a young singer
on her way to opera rehearsal.
Chatted with a young MIT student
on his way to Symphony Hall.

Newbury Street full of pedestrians,
like a typical evening in early spring.
I dodged my way through…


After the bombing, I struggled with the darkness of that moment like everyone else. That explosion killed three beautiful people, maimed others and wounded us all. Our collective soul reeled-tumbling in the penumbra of the blast. And the news that gushed from every media orifice afterwards was like shrapnel to the heart.

So, I wrote a poem. I…


Running Home

This song is a tribute to the members of the international running community, and to the first responders and medical teams whose light shone so brightly in Boston last April.
I'm grateful to have been there with them:

Here are the lyrics:

We watched the runners run
under the April sun
running home
So grateful for the cool sea…


"It Hurts Me" (Poem)

"It Hurts Me

It hurts me to know that you cry
I know you need a friend
So I'll be with you till the very end.

I'll be with you through thick and thin
And I wish this misery will end.

I hope you know I'll always be there,
So you won't have to live in despair.
I just want you to know,
That the love I have for you will always show."


"Bombs went off at the finish line."
Swallow, beat beat beat.
No. Refresh.
Refresh, refresh, refresh.
Beating stops.
Canvas turned white.

Flash one, screams.
Flash two, running.
Chaos. Images repeat.
Mind races, lost in thought.
Reality sinks in.

Mass network.
"Are you okay? Be safe."

2013 Boston Marathon Tribute: Will They Realize We Are ONE?

This is my tribute to all the victims, their familes, first responders, law enforcement & the city of Boston. We Are Boston Strong....Will they open their eyes
And realize we are ONE! God Bless all those affected by the Boston Marathon Tragedy. LOVE YOU!

Music: Open Your Eyes By Alter Bridge