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Gathering in the Aftermath

Gathering in the Aftermath
by Lisa DeSiro

I took the bus across the river
to meet my friends for dinner.
Chatted with a young singer
on her way to opera rehearsal.
Chatted with a young MIT student
on his way to Symphony Hall.

Newbury Street full of pedestrians,
like a typical evening in early spring.
I dodged my way through…

All In For Boston

Saturday after the Marathon; military by Prudential Center preparing to leave

"Run Sarah Run" sign and other race material abandoned after the Boston Marathon bombing

Garbage can on Clarendon Street, just outside of family area used during the 2013 Boston Marathon. A sign that reads "Run Sarah Run" is visible in the garbage can, as is a runner's bib number (#23497). A phone number with a 617 area code is written on the runner's bib.

Runner's bib and sign on the ground

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Hats left at Copley Square Memorial

This is one of a series of photos I took on the last day of the Copley Square memorial site for the Boston Marathon bombings. The memorial featured a collection of well-wishes and messages of sympathy, hope, and strength. It was taken down on June 25, 2013, and its contents will be archived in a more permanent location.

At 2:50 p.m., what sounds like...

At 2:50 p.m., what sounds like a cannon blast tears into the air fewer than 50 yards to my left. My mother, aunt and I see a cloud of smoke fill the sky. I focus on the steeple of beautiful Old South Church, barely visible behind the smoke, a landmark I pass every day on my way to work. My immediate thought: A cannon must be part of the festivities…

As everyone is at the Boston...

As everyone is at the Boston Marathon, I felt surrounded by the beautiful spirit of support and solidarity. My roommate, who had been training for months, was about 15 minutes from the finish line and all I could think of was how amazing it would be to see him run by.

When I heard the first explosion it shook the ground, but I thought it was…

We were in the Hancock building...

We were in the Hancock building working. The first blast shook the building, it felt like something happened at the base of the building. I immediately looked out my office window and saw people running. Then we felt a smaller blast, and saw thousands of people start running towards the building. We watched the chaos unfold from our office,…

My wife and I were having...

My wife and I were having lunch with 3 friends at Le'Espalier on Boylston St. (in/connected to the Mandarin Hotel) when all of a sudden we heard an incredibly loud 'BOOM'. Immediately, everyone in the restaurant went silent as people looked around anxiously, starting to stand up, realizing that what we'd just heard was in no way possible an…