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Crowd at Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial

A crowd gathers to look at offerings left along the fences at the Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial. A "Boston Strong, Pray for Boston" poster is attached to the fence. Trinity Church can be seen in the background.

Trinity Church in Copley Square

Picture taken outside Trinity Chuch in Copley Square on the Saturday, April 20th. This part of the area functioned at the family greeting area during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Many garbage cans are overturned in front of the church.

I was at work, about to...

I was at work, about to go outside to the finish line to take some photos of one of our employees. She finished the race at 2:47, and I was about to step out. Instead, I decided to go to the conference room where I saw the explosions. I was thankful Trinity Church obstructed most of my view.

Standing near Trinity Church for a...

Standing near Trinity Church for a few moments after getting coffee and heard a loud boom, felt the ground shake - didn't see much, some smoke, people running. Took off running away from scene - about 10 sec. later heard a second boom but kept running. Sorry we didn't run towards but initial response was to get out of there so we did. We'll be…