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Tent A

This photo was taken just before the elite athletes started arriving in Tent A. I was star-struck. And striking a pose.

RN in Medical Tent A

It was the morning of the Boston Marathon right after the meetings for the RN's, and all the RN's are walk over to their designated areas. I was in Medical Tent A right off the finish line. I meet up with the team for my section. We started to set up the coats and our area. While waiting for the runners a few of us went outside the tent to see the…

Green Team Volunteering

When we heard the first explosion, we didn’t know what was happening. The second one went off a few seconds later and my friend started to say she thought is was an explosion. A few seconds later, she heard a police radio near us say there was an explosion at the line just as we saw police officers start to run for the line. We stayed where we…

April 15th, 2013

Everyone was so happy as we cheered on the complete strangers that were running by while waiting for our loved one to cross over the finish line and come back to us. I was trying to see a familiar face on any of the runners but I couldn’t find my aunt just yet. My mother was eager to see her as well; she was using my shoulders for balance…