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Letter to Boston from a student at KIPP Promise Academy (Washington, D.C.)

Digital copy of a card sent to the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The student tells Boston they are not alone and hopes Boston and its people will feel better. The student also hopes the FBI finds those responsible for the bombings.

Public Distrust

This image was symptomatic of the widespread distrust of the FBI's analysis, later developing into full blown crowdsourcing by various informal sites such as Reddit and 4chan.

I was with two friends watching...

I was with two friends watching the marathon in front of Marathon sports and Lens crafters. We left at 2:46 and the bomb went off at 2:50. I could hear it from the Common but had no idea what I had just heard.

Looking back at the NYT's map of the area and suspected location of the first bomb explosion - We were standing in the exact spot the…