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Boston Strong

This picture was taken at the Boston Common after lockdown. There was still a heavy police presence. "BOSTON STRONG"

I was standing between both of...

I was standing between both of the bombings and was closer to the 2nd one. i was right across the street from Lord & Taylor and I had never seen so many people run for their lives. I just stood there with my friend and couldn't believe what had just happened, just awful. I almost stood in front of where the first bomb went off but I usually go up…

Tried to get some food from...

Tried to get some food from Wendy's. When I realized I couldn't cross due to race barricades, I continued towards the Boston Common. I got about a block away when I heard a loud rumble. I turned and saw smoke and cops running yelling explosion! and jumping on golf carts. I continued walking away. Glad I didn't get to Wendy's