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Cover letter for "Butterflies of Boston items" sent from Ontario to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

Digital copy of a message sent to the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Cover letter for Butterflies of Boston, made by Grade 4 students at Willow Way Public School (Mississaugua, Ontario). Letter requests butterflies be distributed "to anyone in need of healing," and indicates that the recipient's son is a student at…

"Remember Them!" poster from the Copley Square Memorial

Digital image of a poster left at the Boston Marathon memorial in Copley Square. The poster is signed by Boston University students and Boston College students.

Boston memorial signs on the highway overpass signs on Massachusetts Avenue

Photograph of two signs on the highway overpass on Massachusetts Avenue (near Boylston Street), reading: "Northeastern Loves Boston," and "Berklee Loves Boston."

My friend and I went into...

My friend and I went into Boston to go shopping for dresses for formal. We saw people were still finishing the marathon so decided to go and watch for a while. After about 10 minutes of cheering we got board and walked down Boylston street back towards Boston Common. There was a barrier blocking the street we needed to cross so we turned right and…