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Boylston Street Memorial

This picture was taken at the original memorial before it was moved to Copley Square.

Lifeguard Chair

Walking on St James street the morning of 4/16, looking down Berkeley towards Boylston street, it struck me as odd or ironic that there was an empty lifeguard chair in the middle of the street with a sign on it stating "no lifeguard on duty".

Police Unity Tour truck

Photograph of a truck belonging to the Police Unity Tour, Chapter 37 (New York), a group dedicated to honoring police officers who have died in the line of duty. The truck is parked on Berkeley St. in Boston.

CTV News van on Berkeley Street

A CTV News (Canada) van behind what appears to be a magnolia tree on the corner of Newbury and Berkeley streets.

I was on the corner of...

I was on the corner of Berkley and St James congratulating my friend for finishing the race and waiting for other friends to come meet us for drinks at Tico. We were hanging out for about 30 minutes when we heard and felt a loud boom and then another. It sounded like thunder, which was strange because there weren't any clouds and it wasn't expected…

Was walking back from Starbucks on...

Was walking back from Starbucks on the corner of Berkeley and Boylston. I heard the booms but didn't see anybody reacting. Had to walk down Newbury to get to my office. About 2 minutes later I saw a stampede of people running and crying. The woman I talked to said she thought a sewer cap exploded and that there was blood everywhere. Went through…