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Letter to Boston from a Mount Olive High School student (Mount Olive, Illinois)

Digital copy of a message sent to the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. This letter was sent from a student at Mount Olive High School in Mount Olive, Illinois.

Finish Line

These are two of my friends right at the finish line before the racers started arriving. It was a joyful day at one point, and the contrast between this picture and the photos I saw later is so stark. It looks as though this photo was taken at a completely different time and place, somewhere else in the world.

Tent A

This photo was taken just before the elite athletes started arriving in Tent A. I was star-struck. And striking a pose.

Tufts and Spaulding

This is a photo of a colleague of mine, Tim Tiu MD. He is a Tufts physiatry resident. I like this photo because it reminds me of the collaboration by so many medical professionals all accross the city coming together to help out, and to just have a good day together.

Spaulding resident team

Myself, Amy Yin MD, and John Luce MD getting our credentials and looking forward to the day ahead after we met with a large group of medical providers early in the morning. There was alot of excitement at this point I was really looking forward to meeting alot of new people that day.

Reflections from a Finish volunteer

I hardly slept last night, laying snuggled up to a friend who had hosted me so that I didn't have to be alone, still wrapped in my yellow volunteer jacket and wearing jeans. I listened to the sirens of the endless police cars, fire trucks and ambulances hurrying to and from Copley, just about a mile away. At first, each one was like a new punch in…

7th year of volunteering at the finish line

I took this photo early Monday morning, posting it to Facebook and Twitter. It was one of the main reasons people knew I was at the finish line that day.

The Marathon I want to remember

This is an illustrated blog post I wrote the week after the Marathon, as a way of making sense out of what had happened.

Now that the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect has been taken into custody, a wave of relief has washed over the greater Boston area after an emotionally draining week. Now that the Boston Marathon is no longer breaking…

I was a Clothing Return volunteer...

I was a Clothing Return volunteer on bus 53, on Berkley between Boylston and Newbury. As soon as I heard the first blast I knew exactly what it was, and the second blast a few seconds later confirmed it, but none of us wanted to believe it until we went to the intersection and looked up Boylston towards the finish line. Within a few minutes cell…

Was volunteering at the Food distribution...

Was volunteering at the Food distribution area feeding the runners. We heard & saw the first blast, right at the height of all the charity runners coming in telling us they ran PRs. We kept distributing food. We saw police starting to run to the finish line area. We knew something went wrong, but kept giving out food. The runners we hungry. We…