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I was not watching the marathon or watching television for that matter when the bombs went off. I found out about it indirectly when my niece texted me with the message saying she hoped I was not at the marathon. I didn’t know why she asked that but figured something was up and turned on the television and found out. I was shocked as anyone else…

Where Were You?

When I found out what had happened at the Boston Marathon I was across the Atlantic Ocean in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was bombarded by texts from friends at school asking if they had heard from my roommate, who had been running the marathon and was not responding to any phone calls or texts. I immediately logged online and found live updates of…

I was a Clothing Return volunteer...

I was a Clothing Return volunteer on bus 53, on Berkley between Boylston and Newbury. As soon as I heard the first blast I knew exactly what it was, and the second blast a few seconds later confirmed it, but none of us wanted to believe it until we went to the intersection and looked up Boylston towards the finish line. Within a few minutes cell…

"Assume you heard" Text Message

Assume you heard, but MBTA shut down, don't answer the door, check the news.

Yrs thx *** us closed
They're saying don't answer the door now?

"You okay?" Text Message

You okay? Bombing at Marathon.

Yeah I'm at home

We get the day off

Omg just read the news :(

Hoping you didn't go in for the marathon???

Apr 15, 2013, 3:20 PM
Emily: I'm hoping you didn't go in for the marathon???
Emma: We're ok but scared
Emma: Are you home? Can you get us? I need to go to hospital
Emily: Geezus. Where are you
Emma: MIT. Walking down mass ave
Emily: My god. I'm on my way.
Emma: Thank you
Emma: My phone isn't working

"I'm ok. Are you ok?"

Apr 15, 2013, 1:28 PM
Emily: You just ran by! Amazing! Congrats!!

Apr 15, 2013, 1:54 PM
Katharine: Yayy!! Thanks for coming out!

Apr 15, 2013, 4:16 PM
Katharine: Where are you
Emily: Somerville hospital. I'm ok. Are you ok?
Katharine: Oh my god Em. I'm okay. You are texting so I hope that means you are okayish. Do you want me to come…

Text message with sister

Elizabeth: Explosions at marathon ?? Are you still there?
Emily: Phone not working. Happened in front of us. We're ok but scared. Have to go to hospital tho bcs got some debris on me
Elizabeth: Holy shit
Emily: In Cambridge now
Emily: I am scared
Elizabeth: Call when u can- who u with?
Emily: Did the newd[sic] say why