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Message from a University of Connecticut student at the Finish Line

Digital copy of a message sent to the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Message is from a student at the University of Connecticut who was near the Finish Line and she offers thanks to those who helped her feel "safe in the City so soon after such a traumatic experience."

Finish Line

These are two of my friends right at the finish line before the racers started arriving. It was a joyful day at one point, and the contrast between this picture and the photos I saw later is so stark. It looks as though this photo was taken at a completely different time and place, somewhere else in the world.


This was taken approximately 30 minutes before the bombings.

A Fresh Start

This is a picture of the tree that was planted where the first bomb went off.

Aftermath - Finish Line

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Calm before the storm

It was January 6th, the first Sunday in the new year. I had spent a good portion of the day at the MFA with a very nice college student from Japan. After the museum we both ate at a restaurant in the Prudential Center. After we finished eating, we walked around the Copley Square area. I showed her the Christmas Tree that was still lit near Trinity…

BM 2013: A Day of Human Spirit?

It was my fourth consecutive time running the Boston Marathon - a day that has become for me less of an annual challenge of my own personal limits and more of a day to celebrate the transcending power of the human spirit to conquer the seemingly impossible. Its not about numbers - 26.2 miles is just an example. And that recurring experience has…

An American Flag

Mine is not the story of excitement that many of those present or the first responders had. It is about a near miss and a hero who has had a huge impact on me. I spent most of my morning at the Marathon finish line that day. It was just me alone going out to experience something I had heard about for years but never seen. The atmosphere there…

7th year of volunteering at the finish line

I took this photo early Monday morning, posting it to Facebook and Twitter. It was one of the main reasons people knew I was at the finish line that day.

Boston Marathon Midnight Ride - FINISH LINE

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