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Finish Line

These are two of my friends right at the finish line before the racers started arriving. It was a joyful day at one point, and the contrast between this picture and the photos I saw later is so stark. It looks as though this photo was taken at a completely different time and place, somewhere else in the world.


This was taken approximately 30 minutes before the bombings.

Day of Sorrow, Makeshift Memorial at Arlington Street, Boston

The day after the Marathon bombing I was so angry and felt compelled to visit the make shift memorial at Boylston & Arlington Streets during my lunch hour. As I was tearfully reflecting on this tragedy, the police officer asked the crowd to help move the items such as flowers, t-shirts, a marathon medallion, that were generously donated at this…

I had just returned from France....

I had just returned from France the day before and due to the jet-lag I had just woken up. My mom called me downstairs asking to see the pictures I had posted to facebook from my trip. I stood behind my mom as she scrolled through her news feed to look for the pictures and as she kept scrolling, I noticed something strange on her news feed. I told…

A Fresh Start

This is a picture of the tree that was planted where the first bomb went off.

Boylston Street Memorial

This picture is of the 3 crosses that were made for the victims at the first memorial.

Boylston Street Memorial

This picture was taken at the original memorial before it was moved to Copley Square.

Victoria McGrath - Oral History

Thanks to the hard work of Potoula Tournas, a Northeastern University student who is working with the archive as part of an advanced writing course, we were able to conduct an oral history with Victoria McGrath, pictured here. Victoria was standing by Sugary Haven when the first bomb went off, and shrapnel from the pressure cooker almost fatally…

A Day in the Life--April 15

It was an otherwise perfect day for running the Boston Marathon--my eighth, a race I first ran in 1987. I ran the first 13 miles with two friends from my home town--Holly and Mike. Both of them were running their first Boston. Despite likely running in scores of the same races, they did not know each other. Independently, they told me they hoped to…

Reflections of "The People's Marathon" by Boston Marathon Runner

My younger brother ran the Boston Marathon in 2013; I met him at the finish line and the events took place as described in depth elsewhere. He ran the Marine Corps Marathon in late October and mentioned the victims of (and participants in) the Boston Marathon.