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Boston Marathon Attack Survivor, Lynn Crisci & Sarah Reinertsen, Nike pro athlete

Boston Marathon Attack Survivor, Lynn Crisci, pictured here with Sarah Reinertsen, Nike pro athlete. Sarah helped like, a first time runner of any race, finish the last 3 miles of her Boston Marathon, which was her first one.

Pop Superhero Goes From Wheelchair to Walking to Running the Boston Marathon!

I am a Boston Strong "survivor," and member of the "4.15 STRONG" Boston Marathon team.

As Cookie Cutter Girl, 21st Century Pop Superhero, I packed "Girl Power Pop" with a PUNCH on 500+ RADIO STATIONS & 30+ CDs Internationally. ROLLING STONE called CCG "Nashville's Version of Fiona Apple." (http://www.Facebook.com/CookieCutterGirl &…

2014 Boston Marathon runners in Coolidge Corner (Brookline, MA)

Photo of runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon. I took this photo in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA.

Spectators in Coolidge Corner at the 2014 Boston Marathon

Group of spectators watching the 2014 Boston Marathon in Coolidge Corner (Brookline, MA). Spectators wearing purple "Brickie '74" shirts.