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In Afghanistan

I was working as a contractor on an Army camp in Afghanistan when the bombing happened. A lot of people from my camp came into my office to tell me about it because everyone knew I was from Boston and proud of it.
Somebody had an iPhone and he connected with a friend from Seattle, who had the police scanner on her computer. A big group of us…

Free Passes and My Wife's First Marathon Experience

A friend of mine offered me 2 passes to the bleachers at the finish line. I thought this would be a great experience for me and my wife who is from China. This was first time seeing the Boston Marathon. We watched, clapped and admired the runners. She started to get chilly. We made our way to the Prudential Mall. Right at the exit a woman asked us…

Boston Marathon Attack Survivor, Lynn Crisci, Facebook Post on 4.15.2015

This is a screenshot from Boston Marathon Attack Survivor, Lynn Crisci, of her Facebook Post on 4.15.2015.

Boston Strong Community

When we came up with the idea of selling Boston Strong t-shirts as a fundraiser the night of the bombings, we had no idea it would take off like it did. 68,000 t-shirts and $1,000,000 raised later, we still can't believe it.

It shows us Boston Strong is not about one person, one campaign, or even one city.

It is about the supportive…

Letter and poem from a woman in Delaware

Digital copy of a message sent to the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. A woman from Delaware sends a poem that entitled "A Letter to a Terrorist."

The Right Place at the Wrong Time

The 2013 Boston Marathon was the first marathon that I had attended since moving to Everett. I managed to get there early enough so I could stand at the corner of Exeter and Boylston, where I saw coverage on the hulking screen above me. It felt great to be right there to witness an event like this as it was going on as opposed to standing in the…

The Moment Of



Facebook Status from April 15th 2013

I put this message up at the end of the day on April 15th. I love Boston and have lived here for the past 11 years, moving here from Brooklyn (my home town) in 2003. Some of you may not be surprised to learn that some New Yorkers have strong opinions about Boston. Many of my friends and relatives in New York checked in on April 15th, since they…


Facebook Status from April 15th, 2013

This was my first comment about the bombings on Facebook. My brother and I had just made it back to Allston, where we both lived at the time, after watching the marathon in Coolidge Corner. Our youngest brother, who lives in New Jersey, called me to check in: he was the one who told us what happened at the finish line.


Facebook statuses the afternoon of Marathon Monday

After watching the elite runners cross the finish line, I strapped on my new sneakers and went out for a run. Ultimately deciding to do my usual Castle Island loop instead of running downtown, I came back from a 7-miler and logged my run, still unaware of what happened. After receiving a message to turn the news on, I immediately shared what was…