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Marathon Runners Near Mile 6 in Framingham #8

Runners near mile 6 in Framingham near the water station.

"Hey bro you ok???"

This is a screenshot of a personal Facebook message with a friend from London on April 16th, the morning after the bombing.

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Facebook message

Was receiving a lot of text messages from family/friends/people I hadn't heard from in a while, so went with Facebook to get word out that me and my family who live in Boston were OK to larger group of people. Also threw in the bar mention as a little joke since people were understandably freaking out online that day.

Hoping you didn't go in for the marathon???

Apr 15, 2013, 3:20 PM
Emily: I'm hoping you didn't go in for the marathon???
Emma: We're ok but scared
Emma: Are you home? Can you get us? I need to go to hospital
Emily: Geezus. Where are you
Emma: MIT. Walking down mass ave
Emily: My god. I'm on my way.
Emma: Thank you
Emma: My phone isn't working

ER Doctor Describes Bombing Aftermath

Archived web page, collected at the request of Internet Archive Global Events using Archive-It. This page was captured on 17:12:19 Apr 19, 2013, and is part of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing collection.

Text message with sister

Elizabeth: Explosions at marathon ?? Are you still there?
Emily: Phone not working. Happened in front of us. We're ok but scared. Have to go to hospital tho bcs got some debris on me
Elizabeth: Holy shit
Emily: In Cambridge now
Emily: I am scared
Elizabeth: Call when u can- who u with?
Emily: Did the newd[sic] say why

"I Have a Place to Offer" Google Spreadsheet

This is a Google Doc created by Boston.com where people were able to offer their homes to those affected by the Marathon Bombings. The article describing this document can be found here: http://www.boston.com/yourtown/specials/boston_locals_offer_their_homes/

Camera Phone Footage From Marathon

My cousin sent me this clip: her friend was at the Boston Marathon and was filming runners at the finish line when the first bomb went off.

Reddit User "inthenickoftime4" Video Footage

Video footage found via Reddit: links to original Reddit thread and corresponding link below.