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10 things I learnt from the Boston Bombings: A reflection by Andrew McKenzie

This is my blog written on the plane back to Australia after running Boston 2013. It reflects on what I've learnt and what's important now.

Episode 3-259 of the RunRunLive Podcast

This episode of my podcast contains my write up of my experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon. It also contains an interview with the race director, Dave McGilivary recorded in the weeks prior to the marathon.
Enjoy - Chris,

Looking down when the bombs went off

This isn't my photo - It is a photo I found taken by a photographer that was looking back at the finish Line. To the right of the photo you see a number of open windows with banners hanging underneath them. I was standing in the third floor open window at a party when the first bomb went off. I had been looking down on the race and luckily had…

Running Boston: A bittersweet accomplishment

The horrific event that occurred at the world's most coveted finish line has forever marked the Boston Marathon. For the 17,000 or so runners who crossed, their accomplishment is darkened by a coward's attack on the greatest spectators in the world. For the approximately 5,000 runners whose run to Boston was halted, they have unfinished business to…

Boston Marathon 2013: Lynn Strong . . .Boston Strong .

I am crying as I write this. My emotions are so raw these days. I am going to share pieces of my Boston Marathon experience as the weeks go by. It is hard to share it all at once.

This evening I learned that my friend Lynn who started the race with me drove down to pick up her Boston Marathon Medal today. Today was the day they would reopen…

One Hour

My girlfriend and I were one hour from the bombings. Yes, that's not a measurement of distance, but of time. We had been following the runners down the last mile of the course in hopes of spotting my cousin, and ended up spending most of our time near the finish line two buildings down from Forum, the restaurant that I believe was hit the worst by…

RN in Medical Tent A

It was the morning of the Boston Marathon right after the meetings for the RN's, and all the RN's are walk over to their designated areas. I was in Medical Tent A right off the finish line. I meet up with the team for my section. We started to set up the coats and our area. While waiting for the runners a few of us went outside the tent to see the…

From Melbourne to Boston

Everyone knows the news and what happened.
It was a surreal day for me and my friends.
Here is my story.

Marathon Monday is one of the biggest days on the student calendar. Patriot's Day the public holiday is host to the Boston Marathon, this year which was the 117th Annual. The oldest annual marathon in the world ends in Boston, starting out…

Boston Marathon - at a slight distance

I was fortunate enough to be home during the Boston Marathon bombing. I live a short walk away from the Prudential Center, between the Pru and Northeastern University's campus. It was a day I did not have classes, but I had planned to go to the Prudential Center to run some errands and hopefully catch some of the marathon runners crossing the…