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Rosie the Therapy Beagle

This therapy beagle was present at the makeshift memorial to comfort visitors.

A Wish for Boston

A chain of paper cranes at the memorial in Copley Square.

Boston Memory

I had a trip planned to Boston for the Friday after the bombings to visit Northeastern and I decided to bring my film camera with me, not sure what I would see, but prepared to pay homage if the opportunity presented itself. At one of the memorials set up there was a mom with her son setting an American flag on the memorial and I was able to…

Digital Photo: Boston Marathon memorial

Marathon memorial at the corner of Berkley Street and Boylston Street in the week following the bombing.

Internet meme from a collection of Boston Marathon memes gathered by Elena Agapie. At the time of the 2013 Boston Marathon, Elena was a research assistant at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. Elena's collection was part…

2013 Boston Marathon memorial on Boston University campus

Flowers and messages related to the 2013 Boston Marathon were placed in front of "Free At Last," a sculpture on Boston University campus by Sergio Castillo honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Memorial in front of Boston Public Library

A crowd of onlookers taking photos of a makeshift memorial made up of flowers and an American flag in front of the Boston Public Library.

Close-up of memorial in front of Boston Public Library

Makeshift memorial in front of the Boston Public Library. Includes flowers, flags, and a marathon medal.

Boston Red Sox jersey at Copley Square memorial

A photograph of the Boston Marathon memorial in Copley Square with a wreath, American flags, and a Boston Red Sox jersey inscribed with "4/15/13 will always be in our hearts" and the names of the victims.

T-shirts and flowers at Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial

Photograph of a bench at the Copley Square Boston Marathon memorial covered in flowers, a sign reading "Thank you B.P.D. (and all law enforcement)," and Boston-themed t-shirts.

"Run Jane Run!" banner at Copley Square Boston Marathon memorial

Photograph of a large banner reading "Run Jane Run," surrounded by flowers and balloons, at the Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial. The inscription on the top left of the banner reads: "In 1996 my wife Jane was one of 40,000 runners at the 100th Boston Marathon. It would be easier to spot the family, so I made 2 banners. They have stayed in my…