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Poster signing at Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial

Several people leaving notes on a poster at the Boston Marathon Copley Square memorial, with bystanders looking on and taking photographs.

Hashtags on Sign at Boston Marathon Memorial

Photograph of a sign hung at a makeshift memorial for the 2013 Boston Marathon at the intersection of Boylston Street and Massachusetts Avenue. The sign reads "#BostonTearParty is for #sportscry, not terrorism. #PrayForBoston."

All In For Boston

Saturday after the Marathon; military by Prudential Center preparing to leave

Man with "Free Hugs! Not Just For Runners!" sign

Man holding sign in Copley Square area around the time of service for 2013 Boston Marathon bombing victims at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

"Run Sarah Run" sign and other race material abandoned after the Boston Marathon bombing

Garbage can on Clarendon Street, just outside of family area used during the 2013 Boston Marathon. A sign that reads "Run Sarah Run" is visible in the garbage can, as is a runner's bib number (#23497). A phone number with a 617 area code is written on the runner's bib.

Runner's bib and sign on the ground

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Row of Boston Police department motorcycles at the 2013 Boston Marathon

Row of Boston Police Department motorcycles parked near the 2013 Boston Marathon course on April 15, 2013. The Boston Marathon course runs through the towns of Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, and Boston. First responders from each of these towns are stationed on and around the course throughout the duration of…