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Trinity Church in Copley Square

Picture taken outside Trinity Chuch in Copley Square on the Saturday, April 20th. This part of the area functioned at the family greeting area during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Many garbage cans are overturned in front of the church.

Blue and Yellow Ribbons

On Saturday, April 20, I attended a OneFund fundraiser at The Greatest Bar in Boston. It was organized by a friend who had been at the site of the second bombing and escaped with only minor injuries. In less than one week he managed to put together an extremely successful fundraiser and raffle.

Wanting to contribute something, my sister,…

Watertown TAB (Wicked Local: Watertown) Home Page: April 20th

Home page for The Watertown Tab's web site (Wicked Local: Watertown) on April 20th. Archived via The Internet Archive's Internet Wayback Machine at approximately 9:07pm on 4/20/13.


BAA Website Home Page: April 20th

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) website on April 15th, 2013. Archived via The Internet Archive's Internet Wayback Machine.



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