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Notes from the Boston Marathon Bombing and Cambridge Lockdown

Cambridge is under lockdown right now. My apartment, usually so spacious and bright is constricting, suffocating, close. It’s been four days since the bombings. Four days since I rode my bike over the Mass. Ave. bridge, parked myself close to the race’s end and waited for the first of the wheelchair racers to streak by, sweating, straining,…

"The Marathon Post I Didn’t Plan to Write": A Blog Post by Marathon Runner Katie Clark

This is not the post I dreamed about for 26.2 miles. The post I planned was along the lines of Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After. Stereotypical in plot, with the main character overcoming the physical and mental challenges that go along with running a marathon but coming out on top, it would include all my unique experiences and observations,…

"#BostonMarathon stopped" (Instagram photo)

Photo of 2013 Boston Marathon runners stopped before finish line. Instagram Photo from user "brianmmilonas."

Windham Patch Article: The Boston Marathon will be back

Article about my experience being held up at the 25.75 mile mark of the course

Hoping you didn't go in for the marathon???

Apr 15, 2013, 3:20 PM
Emily: I'm hoping you didn't go in for the marathon???
Emma: We're ok but scared
Emma: Are you home? Can you get us? I need to go to hospital
Emily: Geezus. Where are you
Emma: MIT. Walking down mass ave
Emily: My god. I'm on my way.
Emma: Thank you
Emma: My phone isn't working

Text message with sister

Elizabeth: Explosions at marathon ?? Are you still there?
Emily: Phone not working. Happened in front of us. We're ok but scared. Have to go to hospital tho bcs got some debris on me
Elizabeth: Holy shit
Emily: In Cambridge now
Emily: I am scared
Elizabeth: Call when u can- who u with?
Emily: Did the newd[sic] say why

Camera Phone Footage From Marathon

My cousin sent me this clip: her friend was at the Boston Marathon and was filming runners at the finish line when the first bomb went off.

Reddit User "inthenickoftime4" Video Footage

Video footage found via Reddit: links to original Reddit thread and corresponding link below.



That Monday

I was off work because of the state holiday, at home at putting the final touches on a blog post about some forgotten comic book.

I disconnect from the grid while I'm writing, so I didn't know anything had happened until my dad called around 3:00 PM. "Turn on the news, Andy. Some big shit is going down at the finish line."

I watched the…