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Boston Strong

Wrong city to mess with.

Celebration On Hemenway

I posted this image on Instagram the night that 'suspect #2' was captured. My friends and I ran onto Hemenway St. and found hundreds of our classmates applauding and cheering. A few minutes in, we were hoisted onto the shoulders of our male friends, and handed a flag. I can't remember the last time I have felt so safe, happy, and proud at the same…

A Frantic E-Bystander

I am not a runner, nor am I very good with whiz-bang gadgetry. However, I had 3 close friends running, and wanted to track their progress ("Find a Friend" was way too advanced for me). I went on the BAA website and found a nice and simple tool for tracking (even if I had to refresh it manually). A little after 3 pm, I went to check and…

C'mon Fox News...it's NORTHEASTERN.

It certainly did not mark the worst part of that day, but on the day of the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, universities across Boston were closed as the lockdown stayed in place. Fox News announced these closings, but made the infamous mistake of switching up Northeastern and Northwestern. Shared this on Facebook and it received over 500 shares.…


"Bombs went off at the finish line."
Swallow, beat beat beat.
No. Refresh.
Refresh, refresh, refresh.
Beating stops.
Canvas turned white.

Flash one, screams.
Flash two, running.
Chaos. Images repeat.
Mind races, lost in thought.
Reality sinks in.

Mass network.
"Are you okay? Be safe."

My twitter reaction

This is a screenshot of my twitter reaction on the day of the bombing

Where Were You?

When I found out what had happened at the Boston Marathon I was across the Atlantic Ocean in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was bombarded by texts from friends at school asking if they had heard from my roommate, who had been running the marathon and was not responding to any phone calls or texts. I immediately logged online and found live updates of…

Public Distrust

This image was symptomatic of the widespread distrust of the FBI's analysis, later developing into full blown crowdsourcing by various informal sites such as Reddit and 4chan.

Happy Marathon Monday!

An hour before the bombings were announced I was standing right around the finish line excited to be at the Boston Marathon for the first time. It was supposed to be fun, it was supposed to be a break from studying...little did I know what was going to happen. I posted "Happy Marathon Monday!" as I stood near the 26 mile marker which is now ironic…