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On the Boston Bombings

Post to Persistent Enlightenment, my research blog, discussing with some reflections on the Marathon bombings.

Aftermath - Boylston (3308)

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Aftermath - Finish Line

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Aftermath - Party City (3308)

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Aftermath - Sugar Heaven (3308)

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Today I Ran

The very first thing that I did when I woke up this morning, the morning after the 2013 Boston Marathon was cry. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was just overcome with sadness from everything yesterday and I guess it finally hit me. Hard.

The very next thing I did was put on my running shoes and my marathon shirt and went out for a run. I held…

Bystandard to Bomb Victim- My Story (Andrew Havasy)

The Boston Marathon or as us Bostonians refer to it as Marathon Monday is always one of the biggest events in this historic city and let’s just say I picked a bad day to get my glasses fixed. The previous night a part of my glasses fell off and a small component broke off, so I woke up around mid-day to trek to Boylston Street where the…

Calm before the storm

It was January 6th, the first Sunday in the new year. I had spent a good portion of the day at the MFA with a very nice college student from Japan. After the museum we both ate at a restaurant in the Prudential Center. After we finished eating, we walked around the Copley Square area. I showed her the Christmas Tree that was still lit near Trinity…

The Sound of Sirens

This is a screenshot of my Facebook status from the night of the bombings; my final thoughts after one of the most tumultuous days that any of us had ever experienced. In the chaos of the images and headlines of the day, one sensation that gets lost in the mix is the sounds of the city. That is what resonated with me at the end of that day.