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Memorial crosses from the Boston Marathon Memorial at Copley Square

Image of flowers, stuffed animals, and memorial crosses left at the original Boston Marathon memorial in Copley Square. The image was taken at the corner of Arlington and Bolyston Streets. The memorial crosses bear the names of Krystle Campbell, Martin William Richard, Lingzi Lu, and Sean Collier.

Flowers from the Boston Marathon Memorial in Copley Square

Image of flowers and stuffed animals left at the original location of the Boston Marathon Memorial in Copley Square. There is a large white poster that says "Boston Strong." The image was taken at the corner of Arlington and Bolyston Streets.

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As I awoke this Saturday AM, I find myself so relieved and full heart-ed after the events of this past week in Boston. There aren't words to describe what happened to us this week. A shattering of our collective trust and innocence. Shock and disbelief that such horror could happen on our streets. The manhunt yesterday occurred in…

Gathering in the Aftermath

Gathering in the Aftermath
by Lisa DeSiro

I took the bus across the river
to meet my friends for dinner.
Chatted with a young singer
on her way to opera rehearsal.
Chatted with a young MIT student
on his way to Symphony Hall.

Newbury Street full of pedestrians,
like a typical evening in early spring.
I dodged my way through…

Fenway Strong

Boston Red Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
April 20, 2013

This photo was taken at the first Red Sox game following the Boston Marathon. Marathon volunteers in their symbolic yellow jackets catch the American flag as it falls over the Green Monster while the crowd in attendance cheers together, cries together, and begins to heal together.

Boston Strong

This picture was taken at the Boston Common after lockdown. There was still a heavy police presence. "BOSTON STRONG"

Boylston Street Memorial

This picture is of the 3 crosses that were made for the victims at the first memorial.

Boylston Street Memorial

This picture was taken at the original memorial before it was moved to Copley Square.

Rosie the Therapy Beagle

This therapy beagle was present at the makeshift memorial to comfort visitors.

With Rosie the Therapy Beagle near the memorial, on April 20, 2013

The day after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, there was a sense of relief in the city. There was still sadness over what had happened on that Monday. On Saturday, my friend Amy and I went down to the makeshift memorial at Boylston Street to place flowers and pay our respects. We were pleased to see though that despite what had happened, there were…