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Marathon "Cheerleader"

This is a picture of the man who was speaking in the video I submitted earlier. This was my second year watching the marathon and I spoke with him last year, he told me that he sets up his van and speakers every year to cheer on the runners. I'm not sure how many years he has been there total.

Go NASSER Congrat's on your 22nd Marathon!

This is a banner that was put up near Mile 6 in Framingham at the Prime Gas and Auto Service Station.

Mile Marker 6 in Framingham #4

A closeup of the Mile 6 marker sign in Framingham.

Sign for Amber from Mile 6 in Framingham

This is a closeup of the sign seen in the previous image. It is a handmade sign, looks like marker on posterboard for a marathon runner named Amber.

"I love her gourmet cooking of chicken and brussels sprouts!"

Boston Strong

The video was created from pictures taken of Copley Square memorial and Boylston Street on May 1, 2013