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Poem for Boston

By: Anne Stanziani
Quincy, Ma

A city cries.
A city weeps.
Disaster on our city streets.

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons –
A day of fun for everyone.

The marathon!!
Run every year-
To Wild Applause
And Lots of Cheer!
Then –
How could we know?
How could we guess?
Two terrorists were with the rest –
Mingling there…

In Afghanistan

I was working as a contractor on an Army camp in Afghanistan when the bombing happened. A lot of people from my camp came into my office to tell me about it because everyone knew I was from Boston and proud of it.
Somebody had an iPhone and he connected with a friend from Seattle, who had the police scanner on her computer. A big group of us…

An Unforgettable Week

As the native of a town that is only around a 45-minute drive from Boston and a long-time student at Northeastern University, I have been around or lived in the city for a significant amount of my life. The days and weeks spend in Boston all start to blur into one collective memory for me, but the week in mid-April that the Marathon Bombing…

Tattoos and commemorating the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy

The city of Boston is symbolic of the nature and character of America as a whole. It has its reputation as gritty and resilient being the same community that waged revolution against the full oppressive weight of the British Empire in the name of American independence. Ironically on Patriot’s Day 2013, the Boston community would again prove…

A perspective on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings from Tokyo

Having grown up in a fairly peaceful city, Tokyo, Japan, Daigo Hoshino, as he told me at the interview, perceives that terrorism is something that happens physically remote from him. “I had hard time believing that such a thing actually happened in where I live,” he recalled his emotion at the evening of the Marathon Monday. However, what made…

Description of watching news broadcasts about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings while abroad

Ainura Beisembekova, a Northeastern University alumni student who studied International Affairs, began her story with saying this. She told me that the series of the news broadcast was what scared her the most. It is understandable that the news broadcast about the terrorism can cause the fear since it usually focuses on the turmoil or the chaotic…

Bombing Coverage on Sports Radio: A Better Option From WEEI

Take a moment to consider what you were doing when you first heard about the marathon bombings, and the news source you turned to for coverage as the day unfolded. Thinking about how powerful the emotional impact of the day felt, further consider how your choice to get information from one place over another may have altered your unique experience…

Free Passes and My Wife's First Marathon Experience

A friend of mine offered me 2 passes to the bleachers at the finish line. I thought this would be a great experience for me and my wife who is from China. This was first time seeing the Boston Marathon. We watched, clapped and admired the runners. She started to get chilly. We made our way to the Prudential Mall. Right at the exit a woman asked us…

Boston Marathon Attack Survivor, Lynn Crisci & Sarah Reinertsen, Nike pro athlete

Boston Marathon Attack Survivor, Lynn Crisci, pictured here with Sarah Reinertsen, Nike pro athlete. Sarah helped like, a first time runner of any race, finish the last 3 miles of her Boston Marathon, which was her first one.

‪‎Boston Marathon‬ attack ‪‎survivor‬s Frank (Doug) Julian & Lynn Crisci (Julian), along with her ‪Service Dog‬, "Lil Stinker"

‪‎Boston Marathon‬ attack ‪‎survivor‬s
Frank (Doug) Julian & Lynn Crisci (Julian),
along with her ‪Service Dog‬, "Lil Stinker"
who may be the only animal survivor.
Photo credit: Dear World