A community project hosted at Northeastern University

Oral Histories: Preserving the Past for the Future

Oral histories are evolving techniques that have been used to uncover the past and preserve it for the future. They act as research methodologies that gather memories and impressions of past events in history for future generations. Conducting an oral history with a victim and survivor of the Boston marathon bombings will be extremely valuable to the commemoration and preservation of such traumatic events. This exhibit explains the process of conducing an oral history and the value and importance it can contribute to archives, such as, Our Marathon. It will attempt to gather evidence based on a survivor’s memories and experience in an effort to reconstruct and preserve the Boston marathon bombings. Through researching the value and importance of oral histories, the process of conducing one, and trauma studies through authors and professors such as, Derrida, Ritchie, Johnston and more, my hope is to successfully interview a friend and survivor of the Boston bombings, Victoria McGrath, and to ultimately create a platform for the transformative witnessing of her experience.


Potoula Tournas